I wrote this book for all superhero enthusiasts—especially for those who desire to be superheroes. There are only two types of superheroes: (1) those who believe in the Lord and realize they live by the Law, or (2) those who don’t currently believe in the Lord yet they still live by the Law, not realizing they are living for the Lord. But no one can be a superhero unless he/she lives by the Lord’s Law. Some superheroes recognize their calling, yet they don’t know the Creator who created them and called them to service. If you don’t yet know the Creator, this book will introduce you to the Supreme Superhero and help you understand why you do what you do. But if you already know the Savior, this book will help you stay on track and also grow into a stronger superhero. Regardless of your current beliefs, I want you to know that you are loved; further, I am inviting you to join us in loving others. Hatred is never the way of the superhero—only love!

Does this textbook discuss the existence of GOD? Yes. But is this textbook 100 percent about how to be a real superhero? Yes. If you consider yourself to be a loving and tolerant person, I ask that you approach this textbook with an open mind and a loving heart. This book was written with the presupposition of GOD’s existence. This book is not intended to be a philosophical argument on the existence of GOD, nor is it an exhaustive defense of Christianity as a whole. At the end of this book, I will provide a list of helpful books that deal in detail with those subject matters. Also, the reader should know in advance that I am not the Author of Truth; I am merely a messenger for the One who speaks Truth. And because I am a collector and composer, much of what is written in this book is merely a collection of accepted truths that I’ve arranged in a specific order with the intent of painting a particular picture. Throughout my many years of filtering lies and gathering Truth, I didn’t always remember to cite the source of information. And though this may bother some scholars in the academic field, it doesn’t bother me at all. For even if I neglect to quote a specific philosopher who spoke a particular Truth, that great philosopher only spoke the Truth that GOD created and revealed to him. Thus, GOD is the Author of Truth and the Supreme Source. Truth comes from GOD, and lies come from the father of all lies, the Devil (John 8:44–47; 14:6). So whether Aristotle spoke a specific Truth or Abraham Lincoln actually said it, it makes little difference to me so long as what was said is actually true and corresponds to objective reality. All cited sources of ancient Truth ultimately point back to the Ancient of Days, who is the Eternal One. Does it matter if I quote my first grade teacher while asserting that 3+4=7? No. It wasn’t her Truth to begin with. Does it matter if anyone ever quotes me? No—I’m not the Author of Truth. What matters is that Truth is taught and the reader understands that all Truth ultimately comes from the “mouth” of GOD. Nevertheless, I will cite sources when I believe it’s necessary for the reader to better understand the message I hope to convey. 

The picture I intend to paint with this book is that Jesus is the One and only true Superhero; in addition, no superhero comics or movies would ever have come into existence without GOD because the concept of a superhero was taken from the reality of the Relentless Rescuer. Christ Jesus is the Supreme Superhero because He is the One and only Savior. And even though my name is written on this book as its author, the true author of this book is the Holy Spirit, not me. I merely listened to the Holy Spirit and acted in obedience by composing what I have collected. Thus, this ultimate “training manual” on how to be a superhero came from the Superhero, through me, and to you. I am an ambassador of the Supreme Superhero and am considered to be a superhero myself; however, ultimately, I am merely a scribe and a sidekick to the Supreme Superhero. If you want to be like the greatest Superhero of all time, then you must learn from the greatest Superhero! Thankfully, the Supreme Superhero gave to us His written Word and Helper to guide us. It is my prayer that through this ultimate training manual, you may become the greatest superhero in the name of the Savior! 

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